Women's Vintage Hair

The creation of vintage hairstyles popular in swing dancing involves more than I can easily explain here. I am available to give hair clinics or style hair for your special event or for film/TV. However, here are some tips:


A high ponytail with a ribbon will give women a cute and easy 1950s look for east coast swing dancing. If you want to wear a ponytail for international Latin, American rhythm, Argentine tango, or salsa make it lower near the base of the neck. Not only will this style fit the look of these dances better, also it will hit your partner less while spinning. A whip from your ponytail during the high speed spins in salsa, international Latin, and American rhythm can be unpleasant for your partner. Men's ponytails should always be worn low. I recommend using Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray (hairspray) and a blow dryer to keep hairs from moving. This hairspray will give you a sleek and finished look. This is especially important if you are competing or performing for an audience. Women can use this spray and a blow dryer to secure a piece of hair wrapped over the ponytail holder. This will give you a professional finished look.

Ballroom and Latin Competition Hair

Ballroom and Latin judges expect hair to be sprayed and gelled to look clean and well groomed. Frizzy and loose hair is not acceptable on neither men nor women. Women often have elaborate updos which can include flowers and rhinestones. There are professional hairstlists available for hire at most competitions. (The exception is collegiate comps.) Have your hair done professionally at first and then try to reproduce the look on your own on a day when you are practicing with your partner. It may look OK, but the real test is if it will stay in place while you are spinning.


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