healthy foodsI am not a registered nutritionist or dietitian. With that said, the following are basic guidelines and information I have gained from Weight Watchers, various nutritionists and doctors, my experiences as a personal trainer, and as an aerobics instructor. Individual metabolic systems vary from person to person and change within individuals based on the state of their health and fitness. Intense athletes (Remember dancers are endurance athletes!) or people with health problems should seek advice from a qualified nutritionist or doctor.

I highly recommend wieght watchers to anyone who wants to loose or gain fat. I also recommend eating a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. Studies prove that for most people a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is the healthiest and safest way to eat. Try to eat organic foods whenever possible. Eat regularly in small proportions. If you are going to have a long practice, be at the club all night, at a competition, or dance camp pack some Organic Food Bars in your shoe bag. You can buy them at Whole Foods or Trader Joes (they are cheaper at Trader Joes).


No nutrient is more important than water. The average person should drink 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. A person involved in a fat loss plan should drink an extra eight oz. of water for every 25 pounds they weigh above their ideal athletic weight. A person living in a hot climate (such as Los Angeles in the summer) also needs to increase their water intake. Finally, when you are working out you should drink 6 ounces of cold water for every 15 minutes of workout.


A healthy diet should stay within these macro nutrient percentages:

Carbohydrate Protein Fat
50-75% 10-25% 10-30%

A small percentage of the population may feel comfortable eating:

Carbohydrate Protein Fat
40% 30% 30%


Dancers, do not exceed 2gm of protein/kg of your weight! The recommended daily allowance for an average person for protein is 0.8 gm/ kg (.36gm/ pound) of your weight. If an average person weighs 150 pounds they should be getting 54 gm of protein a day.


Eat 25 grams of fiber daily.


Take a multi-vitamin to make sure you are getting your basic needs met. Don't go vitamin crazy. It is better to spend your money on organic fruits and organic vegetables than risking overdosing on expensive vitamins. Vegans should also be on a B-12 supplement.