Latin Dance Workout

Exercise and learn dance steps at the same time! Getting bored with your exercise routine? Learn how to salsa, cha-cha, samba, rumba, and bachata while working up a sweat. Learn body isolations that can improve your moves on the dance floor. This class is great for people new to dance to get used to the footwork, for dancers who want to add more confidence and style to their Latin dancing, and for those who want to get in shape. All are welcome from beginners to pros. It's non-stop dancing for the whole class so come ready to sweat!

Location: dancer

Hollywood Dance Center
817 N. Highland Ave. (Just North of Melrose)
Hollywood, CA 90038
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No Experience Needed

Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:15 (Please arrive at 7:15 to sign in.)
August 30th and Sept. 6th

$12 per Class

Dress is casual. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable - some people wear button down shirts or cute skirts and some people wear workout clothes. You will need to wear a good pair of shoes. Stay away from soles with tread, platform, and flip flop style shoes. Shoes with leather or suede soles will make it easier to dance. You may wear sneakers for this class, but it will be difficult to spin in them. Ladies are encouraged to wear practice shoes if they have them. If you wear heels, they should be be no higher than 3" and the ankle strap must keep the shoe attached to your foot as you spin. Men do best in comfortable dress shoes with leather soles or dance shoes with suede soles. If you are taking the salsa class after the Latin Dance Workout Class, bring a dry shirt to change into!